Frequently Asked Quetions

Answers to some of the most commonly questions we receive here at LMTLS Design can be found below. We strive to communicate easily yet in-depth with our customers. Not sure exactly what you want or where to start? Not a problem - take a look at the questions below and, if you still find you have questions, don't be a stranger! Pop on over to the contact page and send us a message today. We'd be happy to visit with you, no obligation.

Where do I start?

Tell us about your project.

Redesigns and first-time branding can seem overwhelming but we're here to help. LMTLS Design handles projects large and small and we'd love to help you bring your ideas to life. We proudly offer no-cost, no-obligation first-time consultations. To get started please contact us or request a quote today.

E-mail? Hosting? Maintenance?

We offer all 3.

At LMTLS we create completely custom non-template websites designed to help your company, property, business, organization or hobby shine. In addition to design services we can also help with custom e-mail and offer hosting and maintenance services to keep your site in tip-top shape.

What can I expect?

Professional quality, innovative design and limitless possibilities

Most projects begin with a consultation either in person or via correspondence. Once LMTLS Design understands your project needs and goals we'll develop a custom development strategy tailor-made to suit your ideas and tastes. Your strategy packet will include a brief outline of the steps discenrned to bring your project to life, discussion on how to achieve each step, aesthetic review (if applicable), estimated project quote and projected timeline. Some projects will include working mock-ups to help illustrate how LMTLS envisions your materials. Once strategies are reviewed and accepted, a 50% deposit is required to begin projects. We enjoy working closely with our customers every step of the way.

Do you handle social media marketing?

Not exactly.

While we can create graphic material for you or your company to share via social media, LMTLS Design does not engage in social media marketing, nor do we offer social media services.

Do you build retail sites?

Not at this time.

LMTLS primarily builds custom informational sites. Our projects have assisted travel destinations, non-profits, state-wide tourism initiatives, chambers of commerce, industrial companies, photographers, livestock producers, ranches and more. To view recent examples of our work, please visit our website design page.

Professional. Innovative. Limitless.